The attorneys at McGee Law Firm understand that domestic and family law matters are sensitive for all parties involved. Divorce, custody, alimony, and support are emotionally trying and stressful matters which often arise. Our attorneys will work with you to achieve as successful a result as possible under the particular facts of your case. Your attorney will assist you in making the most informed decisions regarding these difficult issues.



Your attorney will assist you and guide you through the divorce process. Our goal is to make a complex and stressful process easier and understandable to our clients. 



Separation is often the basis for a divorce. In South Carolina, a married couple may live separate and apart for a year and then seek a divorce. During that period of separation, the couple may divide real and personal property, establish custody and visitation, and agree upon temporary support. This can be accomplished with a Separation Agreement and Order of Separation. Your attorney will assist you in negotiating a Separation Agreement which will become part of a Court Order. 


Custody and Visitation

Custody of children is often a bitterly fought issue. The Court will, in the absence of an agreement by the parents, make a decision that is in the best interest of the children. Your attorney is experienced in presenting to the Court evidence of the factors for the Court to consider when making custody decisions. Your attorney will present the strongest case possible to help protect the best long-term interests of your children.


Other Family Law Issues:


  • Paternity

  • Alimony or Support Modification

  • Prenuptial Agreement

  • Adoptions

  • Name Changes

  • Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection